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Why Use Antistatic Hose In Industrial Field
Nov 21, 2017

Why use antistatic hose? According to the industry situation, when the solid and liquid materials through the non-conductive pipe, will certainly and the pipeline friction, this process will be harmful, the main hazards are the following:

First, if there is friction, the phenomenon of discharge, it is likely to ignite explosive gases, fog, powder mixture or water vapor and so on. The items placed in the industrial workshop are very valuable, and also have certain dangers, so if this kind of problem arises in such an environment, the consequence is unimaginable, the workers in the workshop are estimated to be in danger of life.

Second, through the human body, also produces the phenomenon of discharge, causing serious electric shocks, the danger is unpredictable.

Third, if a work suddenly stopped, then the particulate matter, dust material, and so on, will stick to the inner wall of the pipeline, long-term past, serious situation will cause congestion.

Four, easy to cause equipment failure, the failure is sure to need to repair, this is bound to incur costs, for enterprises to spend a great deal of money, but it is not worth the candle.

In the face of this kind of harm, there is no solution. Don't look at a small anti-static hose, but its function is very powerful, at least to reduce the security risks of business operations. Under normal circumstances, are to combine the actual situation of enterprises, choose the appropriate anti-static hose to use. Do not underestimate a product, its use is very big, solve a lot of problems.

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