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Understand The Basic Properties Of Antistatic Hose
Nov 21, 2017

First, the application range of antistatic hose. Many hoses are used for a number of cleaning occasions, to eliminate static electricity. In some industries, for example, because these workshops usually have some solid powder, such as fiber, debris and so on. These powders are often very easy to produce static electricity, when friction occurs, will cause some work error. So, if you use this antistatic hose now, everything will be solved.

Second, product performance. Product performance is often directly affect the use of products, so, a quality product often can help to play a greater effect. Anti-static hose with good wear resistance, internal fine slip, with good chemical resistance. These are not available for ordinary hoses. Not only that, in order to prevent the occurrence of leakage phenomenon, the hose adopted a small radius bending design to prevent the leakage of gas and liquid.

Third, product quality. The structure of the hose is actually quite simple, mainly the internal coating of a hard plastic spiral, but still delicate and smooth. Pipe body material choice, and greatly guarantee the use of the product effect, to ensure that the effect of each work.

The applicable temperature range. In general, each device will have a suitable scope of work. Antistatic hose applicable temperature is $number to 90 degrees, but also in this temperature, the product can play a better role. Of course, in a relatively short time, the hose can also be used in the , but there is a very strict time limit, can not be applied for a long time, otherwise it will melt, causing losses.