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Industry Essential Negative Pressure Hose Has What Unique Performance
Nov 21, 2017

The distance between the section and the section of the negative pressure hose can be freely adjusted, and is very flexible and convenient. It has very good scalability and there is little blockage in the case. The weight is small, the size is small, the aperture uniformity is also good, the resistance is strong, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, flexibility, to be able to freely bend, wear resistance, bending and folding strong, repetitive bending strong, not air leakage, good tensile properties, resistance to oleic acid erosion, antistatic, compressive strength, small wind resistance, strong flame-retardant, Resistance to corrosion of good performance, resistance to high temperature performance, to prevent mouse bites, to avoid internal wire wear phenomenon.

Where there is a negative pressure hose, it is often necessary to connect the air duct to the ventilator, and to install a lifting ring every other metre, so that the duct can be fixed in one place. Negative pressure hose is also widely used in the field, such as ventilation equipment accessories, can be used in computer room, factory room, tunnel, pipe, machinery field, shipbuilding, mining industry, fire smoke and so on. In the more hostile environment, can also play the role of pumping wind, exhaust, dust collection and so on. Whether it is home, or industrial use, is a good performance products.

Purchasing staff in the purchase of negative pressure hose, should choose those with a certain degree of softness, smooth, solid, wear-resistant products. After the purchase, it needs to be installed, it can be installed horizontally, it can be installed vertically, it can be installed obliquely, but preferably vertically, and not installed near the wheel. The hose should be in the middle of the position, it should be subjected to the axial load of two direction, and installed on one side, there is only a direction to move, this will have a negative pressure hose of the strength of a certain impact, reduce the use of spare parts. In the construction, if the welding operation is involved, then the hose should be in advance of the isolation and maintenance, to avoid spray welding slag and damage to the hose.