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For Industrial Suction Hose Selection, What Are The Basic Factors To Consider?
Nov 21, 2017

In order to avoid some unnecessary trouble, we suggest that we should take a comprehensive consideration when purchasing industrial suction hose, and then make a comprehensive comparison from different aspects. Finally choose the products that suit you. Here we look at the selection of industrial vacuum hose, should consider the relevant factors.

First, must make clear oneself to buy the industrial vacuum hose is used to do what. The use of the hose is one of the key factors in determining the model directly. Because such spare parts have a very wide range of uses, such as feeding, vacuuming, conveying liquids and so on. So the first thing we need to understand is their use of industrial vacuum hose.

Second, then further determine the relevant hose in the use of the process, the need to withstand the pressure. Industrial vacuum hose used, will be subjected to different pressure. Because of the different transmission mode, the pressure will vary in height. So after determining the pressure, can better choose the suitable hose products. If the choice of industrial vacuum hose does not meet the transmission pressure, then prone to breakage, suction and so on.

Third, the operating process of the hose temperature, because the industrial suction hose is plastic material. So the level of temperature, is definitely the key to the relevant models. To know that the hose has different materials and models, each model and materials have their own advantages and quality, so the temperature is also to help you choose a key factor.

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