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Classify Industrial Hose According To Material And Use
Nov 21, 2017

1. Water Conveyance Hose

Water conveyance hose is widely used in people's daily life, such as irrigation, gardening, fire fighting, agriculture, planting forest and so on, have been very important applications. As a result of water hoses need to have a good waterproof capacity, so the hose of the plastic materials to PVC, EPDM as raw materials made of safe and reliable, by many users of all ages.

2. Steam Hose

Steam pipes are mainly used in a variety of steam transport, effectively ensuring that the steam will not cold condensate into water. Engine cooling in the automotive manufacturing industry has greatly improved the performance of the car.

In addition, steam hoses are widely used in power plants, and when the water is vaporized into steam in a high-temperature environment, it is necessary to transmit it to the generating unit through a high-temperature steam hose to generate electricity. If the hose is not efficient to high temperature steam and retrograde transport, will be caused in the power generation greatly reduced.

3. Food Hose

Food hoses are mainly used in food, so the use of PVC materials, high security, will not cause damage to the human body. For example, we usually drink milk with a straw, is a type of food hose, convenient for people to drink.

4. Air Industrial Hose

The hose is used in industrial and industrial equipment, such as air compressors, screw machine mining machines and so on, all need to use the air industrial hose. Compared with the previous types of hoses, this hose has more stable performance and higher strength, and can not damage the equipment itself under high-pressure work.

5. Chemical Hose

Chemical hoses are often used to transport a variety of chemical reagents, with excellent corrosion resistance, can effectively reduce the corrosion of acid-base solvents. The inner plastic material of the chemical hose is EPDM, which ensures the safety of the hose.