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Application Of Industrial Hose With Complete Performance In Food Industry
Nov 21, 2017

Industrial hose In the food industry is mainly used in the transport of milk, fruit juices, anecdotes and other beverages, while it is in the production process to meet the corresponding hygienic standards, so as to ensure the safety of product quality. 

 will be strict requirements of the production process of food hose, to ensure that the health standards will certainly be achieved, the company made hose is very soft, weight is relatively light, easier to take care of, and this kind of hose wear resistance, not easy to aging, with a long service life.

Fluent, the hose used in food is usually translucent, resistant to microbial hydrolysis, while the inner wall is relatively smooth, to ensure that materials can flow smoothly.

Resistant to mold and hydrolysis, food industrial hose made of the material is very special, usually has a smell, weatherability, not easy to appear hydrolysis and mold and so on.

Finally, the industrial hose for food is non-toxic and tasteless, does not contain any halogen, in line with the current people's pursuit of environmental requirements.