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21st Century Should Know The Characteristics Of The Food Industry Hose
Nov 21, 2017

With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements in the food industry have become more and more stringent. For the food industry used in the hose, from the beginning to now has been constantly improving and innovation. Now for the food industry hose has been more demanding, below we will look at the characteristics of the food industry hose.

The characteristics of the hose of the food industry mainly include the following aspects:

First, the traditional hose after the torsion, there will be a more serious deformation situation. But now the food industry used in the hose, not only to break through the flaw, but also to improve their own bending toughness.

Second, for the previous use of the hose, has a poor flexure flexibility characteristics. When the hose is bent, it is easy to get discounts. Now the use of the food industry hose can be used in any bending situation, there will be no discount or deformation of the situation.

Third, the former hose because of the existence of a cumbersome pipe, the use of the process in the consumption of large, and other shortcomings. Now used in the new generation of food industry hose not only to improve this phenomenon, but also for enterprises to save a certain amount of energy and capital.

From this we can see the new generation of food industry hose more efficient use, extended the use of time, more conducive to the use of various situations. There is no distortion and discounts, which allows operators to work in a more convenient and efficient process. In addition, the weight of the hose is even lighter, making the hose easier to use. The characteristics of the hose of the food industry, in addition to the above mentioned points, in the bearing capacity of this aspect has also been significantly improved. Can adapt to different pressure range of production and manufacturing behavior, this structure and the hose can be designed to meet varying degrees of pressure requirements, so as to change their ability to pressure.