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What to pay attention to when using the food industrial hose
Nov 21, 2017

First of all, when using this kind of food industrial hose, do a good job cleaning. The first time we used this kind of hose, because it is the first time to use, so there will inevitably be some unsanitary things, such as dust, or in the process of careless access to the small stone pipe, and so on, these will affect the use of hose, so in the initial use of the hose, or to replace the need to transfer raw materials, Must be done to the hose thoroughly clean, not be able to residue any impurities.

Second, when we use the food industry hose, we should gently handle the hose to prevent breakage. Hose is a very easy to wear materials, and its market price is relatively high, so in the use of the time, must be careful, to prevent artificial things caused by hose damage. Which requires that we use the hose can not bend the use, even if the need to make the hose bent, as far as possible to ensure that the bending degree of the hose is not more than 95 degrees, and if necessary, to move the hose, then can not drag the hose to the need to use the hose, to try to carry the hose, so as to reduce To a certain extent, the effect of prolonging the life of the food industrial hose.

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