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What technical production levels should be met for beverage filling hoses?
Nov 21, 2017

Why do I need to pay attention to the production grade of beverage filling hose?

As the saying goes, "disease exports into", this sentence in the daily diet health has been the best interpretation, if the food hygiene is not guaranteed, will lead to the body discomfort, the common symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness and so on, heavy will also be food poisoning, so pay attention to daily diet health is a very necessary thing. And we usually buy beverages are open-air, beverage box above there will certainly be a lot of bacteria, if the mouth directly drink, there will certainly be bacteria into the body, causing the body uncomfortable, in this case we will use the beverage filling hose, But here also need to remind everyone is not to think that these hoses in plastic paper packaging is not possible to be contaminated, you have thought of the plastic packaging paper is breathable or hose in production and processing to meet the health level conditions?

So what are the production grade conditions of the beverage filling hose?

First: Temperature level conditions

In the processing, need in 135 degrees Celsius environment, achieve disinfection sterilization, or in negative 30 degrees Celsius to achieve cold processing, in the temperature control, to ensure the health of the processing process;

Second: cleaning and disinfection grade conditions

This kind of beverage hose in the cleaning and disinfection process, under normal circumstances will not use SIP disinfection system, usually using CIP cleaning and disinfection system, clean and sanitary, and will not reduce the hose service life;

Third: The selection of hose materials grade conditions

It is necessary to meet the standard of TPS in the selection of hose making materials, need to meet in the use of the hose no odor, will not easily deformed, at the same time with ozone-resistant, anti-aging and UV-resistant effects, usually the use of no vulcanization process of composite materials, not only have just mentioned the conditions, while the material inside the wall smooth, Easy to flow, the use of relatively smooth;

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