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What kinds of industrial hose are there?
Nov 21, 2017

Industrial hose In the market is a dazzling, everything. However, the type of industrial hose is fixed. Familiar with the type of industrial hose can not only help you identify the need for industrial hose, but also convenient for you to choose the appropriate industrial hose. With the increasingly widespread application of industrial hose, familiar with the type of industrial hose can also allow you to master the latest industrial hose, put it into the bag.

Industrial hose refers to the rubber hose which is used in industry to squeeze forming by vulcanization process. According to the field of application, industrial hose can be divided into chemical rubber hose, hydraulic hose and high-pressure hose three kinds.

Chemical hose is mainly used to resist chemical liquid industrial hose, it has strong solvent resistance, acid resistance and alkali corrosion performance. Chemical industry hose can be used to transport almost all of the chemicals we now know, it is widely used in chemical industries, paint inks industry, coating industry transport. It can also be used to unload these organic solvents. Chemical industry hose can also be used to store dyes, inks, paints, chemical solvents and strong acid, alkali and other substances in the printing industry, chemical industry hoses are often used to transport oily or water-based inks.

Hydraulic hose is mainly used in building engineering, it can be used for high-pressure liquid and hydraulic transmission. Generally speaking, the general tools used in the future is the hydraulic industrial hose, it can be used for electric and manual hydraulic jack transmission pressure Source, in this process, the use of the medium is generally hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil level water, air and water-based liquid. At the same time, according to the different media temperature of the material is also different, oil generally in Shorito to 100 degrees Celsius, air temperature between Santior to 50 degrees Celsius, the emulsion is generally below 80 degrees Celsius.

High-pressure hose is widely used in the field. In the coal industry, high-pressure industrial hose can meet its increasing requirements. High-pressure industrial hose can be used not only to support the role, but also can be used in the coal mine underground water injection or grouting and other functions, the high-pressure industrial hose is so-called at its time; in the petroleum industry, with the adjustment and deployment of the national strategy for the ocean, the requirements of oil operations are increasingly harsh, and the high-pressure industrial hose is once again revealing its edge. The high-pressure industrial hose satisfies the demand of offshore and shallow-sea oilfields in the petroleum industry. In the metallurgical industry, high-pressure industrial hose high pressure, high temperature, anti-aging performance of the excellent properties make it much favored, in agriculture and water conservancy industry, high-pressure industrial hose durable, convenient and efficient advantages can make it popular.

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