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What is a fuel line?
Jul 09, 2018

A fuel line is a hose used to bring fuel from one point in a vehicle to another or from a storage tank to a vehicle. It is commonly made of reinforced rubber to prevent splitting and kinking.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines a fuel line as "all hoses or tubing designed to contain liquid fuel or fuel vapor. This includes all hoses or tubing for the filler neck, for connections between dual fuel tanks, and for connecting a carbon canister to the fuel tank. This does not include hoses or tubing for routing crankcase vapors to the engine's intake or any other hoses or tubing that are open to the atmosphere


Designed   for auto and truck fuel line/injection systems.

Specific   fuel

Gasoline, ethanol   extended gasoline, oxidized sour gas, diesel fuel, biodiesel, lubrication   oil.


Tube:FKM synthetic with chemical,swelling and permeation   resistance
Reinforcement:PET   Woven
Cover:CSM synthetic with   chemical,swelling,permeation and weather resistance.


Temperature Range-34 to +135℃,intermittent   use at +150
Executive StandardSAE J30 R9
Permeationmeets CARB with a   maximum 15g/m2/day at 40
Warming:Do not submerse in gasoline

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