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What are the advantages of the food industry hose?
Nov 21, 2017

Since it is food, the first thing to consider is the safety problem. Most of the hoses in general have an unpleasant odor, and if they are used to transmit food, most of the food will be contaminated with this odor, causing us to be disgusted or even queasy when we eat. If this hose uses harmful materials to the human body, it will also cause pollution to food, if we eat such food, the pollution will enter the human body, causing many adverse effects on us. The food-grade hose is made of harmless materials, and it will not only pollute the food that is delivered, but also will not allow them to contaminate the unpleasant odor, and we will be able to enjoy the delicious food more confidently. And the food-grade hose because of its special material, will not absorb the transmission of food, will not lead to the quality of food in the transmission of the reduction, but also reduce the food in the transmission process of waste and loss, which is very important for food manufacturers, because they need to carry out a large number of food delivery, If food loss is too much in the process, it will increase their production costs and thus reduce profits. 

Food-grade hose also has a clear advantage is good sealing, can effectively isolate the inside of the food in the tube contact with the outside world, but also effectively avoid the food in the pipeline by the outside microbial contamination of the situation occurred. Food-grade hose wear-resistant performance is very good, so the service life is very long, it applies to a wide range of temperature, in the 80 to $number temperature range June can be very good to complete the transport of food.

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