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Three steps to select industrial Hose
Nov 21, 2017

First, determine the specific purpose of the hose you want to choose. General industrial production in the purchase of some materials before the analysis of their actual needs, industrial hose natural is no exception. Therefore, in our choice of industrial hose should be based on its specific use to choose, such as some hoses are mainly used in vacuuming, and some are mainly used on the feeder. Of course, the different types of hose conveying medium should also choose the appropriate hose. Enterprises can be in the selection process according to their needs to the business consulting clearly.

Second, you need to determine the pressure when the hose is used. The hose must reach certain pressure conditions in the process of use in order to transmit certain medium. It is noteworthy that, whether it is used in some of the transmission of electrical problems or the use of wind turbines, should pay attention to the choice of positive and negative pressure, if there is no definite good pressure, we choose the hose is very easy to meet the requirements of this condition and can not satisfy the production needs of enterprises, Serious time will also cause the hose in the process of transmission medium because the pressure is too large or too small to form blasting or suction suppressed phenomenon, there is a certain safety risks.

Third, we need to determine the temperature when the hose is used. In general, different materials made of hose can withstand different temperatures, such as PVC hose can withstand negative 20 to 70 of the temperature, but the pur hose can withstand a wider range of temperature. Therefore, in the use of the hose in accordance with its own nature to choose different temperature, if the choice of temperature beyond its normal use, will undoubtedly aggravate its damage speed, seriously reduce its service life.

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