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Development trend of industrial hose industry
Nov 21, 2017

Good trend of industrial hose development in China

China's industrial hose industry in the last ten years has been rapid development, and the number and variety have increased a lot. In addition, industrial hose reinforcement materials have a variety of good choice, the basic material steel wire and fiber texture can meet the industrial hose production needs of China. China's industrial hose has already entered the industrial production model, and the world's industrial hose level has been very close.

Predicament of industrial hose industry in China

As the introduction of industrial hose manufacturing is relatively simple, so compared with other industries, industrial hose manufacturers of the brand awareness of the weak, the size of enterprises are relatively small, the means of hose marketing is also very simple. Because many enterprises for industrial hose product quality is relatively neglected, some enterprises in the market into a business circle. The enterprise income greatly reduces, the customer satisfaction degree discounts and so on.

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