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Development and analysis of domestic plastic hose market
Nov 21, 2017

1, plastic hose market hot varieties Analysis

Because the plastic hose has corrosion resistance, no leakage, anti-scaling, long service life and other advantages of market applications and rapid growth in the field of application. At present, the consumer market of plastic hose is mainly divided into four major application fields of daily consumption and health care industry in the field of hydraulic transmission systems, automotive manufacturing and maintenance areas and water conservancy projects, including daily consumption and health care in the field of market demand for the largest market growth rate, the first market share of plastic hose, By 2009, the annual market growth rate was about 3%, at present, the major varieties of market application in the field of health care are polyvinyl chloride medical tubes and this is also the most stable field of PVC resin in plastic hose o the second largest variety of domestic market demand is industrial use of various plastic hoses such as air duct and chemical industry pipe, and hydraulic transmission system pipe. The annual market growth rate of industrial hose is about 28%, and the average market growth rate of plastic hoses such as fuel pipes, cooling pipes and wind pipes in the automotive and aviation sectors is about 42% in 2009. Sales rose from 84 million yuan in 1997 to about 125 million yuan in 2009. As a major market share of thermosetting plastic pipes, the average market growth rate of 2009 is around 3%.

As far as the plastic hose is concerned, the fastest growing polyethylene market is becoming the PVC in the plastic hose. The main reason for the rapid growth of the second species is that polyethylene hose is very good at breaking elongation rate generally more than 500%, Can do growth coil and have excellent construction adaptability for pipeline construction to bring great convenience because of its rapid development of market applications and become a strong PVC hose competitors, especially in recent years, the advent of high-performance polyethylene resin to give polyethylene hose stronger market competitiveness.

Some new market information which is worth the attention of domestic related production enterprises is a Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Zhao Zisen, who recently has the title of "The father of Chinese optical fiber", pointing out that the production capacity of optical fiber and cable in China will reach 20 million km and the total market demand of fiber optic cable is about 11 million kilometers, With the current major optical fiber and cable production enterprises to expand the momentum of the domestic fiber and cable market has emerged oversupply trend, is expected to 2012, the domestic market fiber optic cable products will be seriously surplus, then, the price of optical fiber may be reduced from 35 U.S. dollars to less than $18.

The modified materials of EPDM and PP can be used in the manufacture of air ducts in automobiles and various kinds of tubing in automobiles, and the total consumption of EPDM in the automotive field is expected to reach 92,300 in 2010 years, and the acrylic ester (ACM) has good heat resistance, The main application field of oil resistance is the power steering rubber hose and 175℃ grade radiator hose in automobiles. In addition, the halogen-free and low smoke flame retardant cable sheath has a good application prospect. In addition, blending with FKM or NBK is one of the developing directions of ACM application. Blending with FKM can reduce the production cost while maintaining a certain heat and oil resistance, and the NBK blending can improve the oil resistance, heat resistance and ozone tolerance of NBK, and these properties are needed for plastic hose cutting.

The excellent high and low humidity and chemical stability of chlorine ether rubber have important applications in automobile plastic hose, such as oil hose, refueling hose, oil spill hose, oil vapor hose, etc.) and fuel oil and oily vapor contact with the air hose reflex control hose), suction hose ventilation pipe, air brake hose, The application of vinyl chloride in automobile field in foreign countries accounted for 70% of its consumption, relatively low consumption in the new field, and the potential of development and application of vinyl chloride rubber in our automotive field.

New type hose thermoplastic polyurethane vinegar (TPV) is also competitive in the pipe industry it can be mixed with soft PVC to increase its tensile strength and crack resistance. At present, has been used in the vacuum cleaner hose and in the cover, sludge and liquid transfer, such as hose industry also has a very wide application prospects, the current plastic hose market capacity is growing rapidly, improve the existing production enterprise technology and product quality is urgent, China's plastic hose production enterprises should catch up, The production of plastic hose in China and the level of scientific research.

2, domestic plastic hose market prospect Analysis

At present, one of the outstanding characteristics of plastic hose market is that consumption enters mature stage, especially in Europe and America, the growth rate of market demand has slowed down obviously. As the development of earlier plastic products at present, domestic plastic hose production has reached a certain scale of the application of the market varieties are also many but in recent years domestic enterprises used in the construction field of polymer hard the attention of the tube is more investment too concentrated such as polyurethane hard pipe projects and product technology and market applications have been very mature polyethylene pipe projects are not many.

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