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Application of industrial hose in industrial vacuum cleaner
Nov 21, 2017

The industrial hose, which is believed to be the easiest to think about, is the industrial vacuum cleaner, which makes it an irreplaceable role in industrial vacuum cleaners. Whether or not the industrial vacuum cleaner adopts the internal or external blowing method will have a great effect on its safety. Next we'll look at the application of industrial hose in industrial vacuum cleaners.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners In addition to industrial hose, the structure of its composition also includes motor, electrical control and filtration, and several other parts. The new industrial vacuum cleaner changes the way of the traditional industrial vacuum cleaner blowing crumbs and successfully converts it into a suction chip, which not only achieves the purpose of dust removal as before, but also effectively improves the pollution caused by the dust blowing in the environment. Traditional industrial vacuum cleaner is mainly through the principle of compressed air to blow crumbs, so inevitably there are some drawbacks.

Next, let's look at the workings of the industrial vacuum cleaner. Industrial Vacuum cleaner to achieve the purpose of vacuuming is mainly through its internal motor operation, at the same time at the time of operation will exist in the filter, as well as iron filings and oil objects produced by the resistance successfully overcome, the final drive twin-screw to absorb dust process. At the same time because it is at work mainly through the vacuum pump to the object suction, so often in this process will appear a larger negative pressure value, so it is necessary to the crankshaft spiral hole in the existence of some of the scrap iron, and absorb the main by the hose and its upper suction nozzle. After the absorption in order to get a higher clean air must go through a filtration process, mainly for those internal doping with oil and iron filings of the air filtration, the final successful implementation of solid-liquid separation of clean air will be discharged through the vacuum pump, in order to prevent the larger noise, The process of noise reduction is often followed by a silencer before discharge. Until the switch is turned off, the lid of the top of the industrial vacuum cleaner is removed and the scrap iron is eventually left on the solid-liquid separator, and the oil is mainly in the dust cylinder. At this time, iron filings and oil can be discharged.

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