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Auto Hose

Auto hose can carry a car's liquid or gas from one part of the car to another. This includes oxygen, fuel and coolant, which can be water, antifreeze or a mixture of the two. These hoses flow from the air filter to the intake manifold where air enters the combustion chamber in measured quantities, ensuring that the fuel has an appropriate amount of oxygen for efficient combustion.
Auto hoses are used in automobiles to move fluids around for use in cooling, lubrication, and/or hydraulics. Hoses are also used to convey pressure or vacuum signals to control circuits or gauges, as well as conveying vacuum to heating, cooling, brake, and/or locking systems.
The auto hoses we provide are mainly used for the entry and exit fuel pipes of automobile engine machines. They are hoses used in motor vehicle fuel injection systems and similar environments.
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  • Rubber Fuel Hose

    Rubber Fuel Hose

    Rubber Fuel Hose consists of an inner rubber, an outer rubber and an intermediate layer. The middle layer is made of high-strength aramid fabric to enhance hose strength. Rubber Fuel Hose also has a conductive wire to prevent Mars, which can be used in working environments...Read More
  • SAE J30 Rubber 1/4 Fuel Hose

    SAE J30 Rubber 1/4 Fuel Hose

    SAE J30 Rubber 1/4 Fuel Hose
    -Oil-, heat-, abrasion-resistant
    -Aging-resistant, insulation, acid and alkaline-resistant
    -Airtight, shock absorption
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  • Synthetic Rubber 5/16 Fuel Hose

    Synthetic Rubber 5/16 Fuel Hose

    Synthetic Rubber 5/16 Fuel Hose
    tube:synthetic rubber with chemical, swelling and permeation resistance
    reinforcement:High strength aramid woven
    cover:synthetic rubber with chemical, swelling,permeation and weather resistance
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  • Premium Fuel Filler Hose Autozone

    Premium Fuel Filler Hose Autozone

    Premium Fuel Filler Hose Autozone
    -Temperature range: -34 ° C to + 135 ° C
    -Low permeability is in line with CARB, up to 15g / m2 / day at 40 °C
    -Anti-weathering design, long life.
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  • Best Seller Fuel Hose Sizes

    Best Seller Fuel Hose Sizes

    Best Seller Fuel Hose Sizes are designed for fuel and oil delivery in automotive and mechanical applications. It is made of synthetic rubber and has a low permeability. The cover is designed to better resist wear, oil and weathering. This hose is reinforced with aramid weave...Read More
  • 1/2 Fuel Hose

    1/2 Fuel Hose

    1/2 Fuel Hose
    Tube:Oil-,fue-resistant synthetic rubber compound(CSM)
    Standard:SAE J30R9
    Barrier:Special rubber which has perfect oil-,fuel-resistant performance(FKM)
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  • 3/16 Fuel Hose

    3/16 Fuel Hose

    3/16 Fuel Hose
    Working Pressure:max. 100
    Reinforcement:High tensile polyester fiber braided
    Standard length:50m, 100m.
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  • An Fuel Hose

    An Fuel Hose

    1. Inner tube: The An Fuel Hose is made of good nitrile rubber (nitrile rubber)
    2. Cover: NBR mixed, black or red, weather and abrasion resistance, smooth
    3. Enhancement: high-strength synthetic yarn, single/double synthetic yarn weaving or spiral.
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  • 7mm Fuel Hose

    7mm Fuel Hose

    The 7mm Fuel Hose is designed with premium compounds to fuel the fuel engine while maintaining efficiency and performance. The hose has low permeability and is known for its reliability and longevity.Read More
  • 6mm Fuel Hose

    6mm Fuel Hose

    6mm Fuel Hose
    Surface:smooth surface pure rubber, smooth surface add thread, mat surface add fabric
    Advantages:The 6mm Fuel Hose is oil resistant and water resistant
    Function:transport diesel oil, gasoline, hydraulic oil, oil, lubricating oil, etc.
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  • Fuel Lines

    Fuel Lines

    Fuel Lines is a hose that is responsible for delivering fuel. The hose is composed of an inner rubber layer, a steel wire braid layer and an outer rubber layer. It is suitable for conveying hydraulic fluids such as alcohols, fuels, lubricants, emulsions, etc.Read More
  • Heater Hose

    Heater Hose

    Heater Hose
    *Executive Standard SAE J20
    *Length available upon request
    *Easy to connect, no welding, saving installation time and reducing costs.
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